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We believe that Dharmendra Kumar Verma son Shri Salikram Verma, Gram-Barahpur, Po- Messina Khas, T-Bansi, District-Siddharthnagar, U.P., 272151 is the first trustee to be the founder of this trust dated 31- Launched into existence on 05-2018. We are the founding trustees of the National, Spiritual and Social Service which mainly includes national love, environmental protection, spiritual and religious security, education awareness, education, health security, health education, upliftment of the poor and other backward castes, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Having special interest in upliftment, establish this trust. The management, functioning, purpose and arrangement of this trust (trust) will be done under the following rules provisions. The name, address of the trust is as follows. 1-Trust Name Shiv Shakti Mahadev Charitable Trust 2-Trust Address Village-Barahpur, Po0- Masina Khas Ta-Bansi, District-Siddharthanagar (U.P.), 272151 3-Headquarters Registered Office of Trust, Village-Barhapur, Po-Masina Khas-30-Bansi, District-Siddharthnagar (U.P), 272151 The following persons in the Trust have given their due consent to become Trustee Members.

The main objective of the Trust is to establish English and Hindi medium educational institutions from primary school to higher education level colleges, Sanskrit colleges, nursing institutions, medical education, medical colleges and other higher education institutions at different places. do To provide education to the Dalits along with middle and weaker sections in rural areas. Adult Education, Informal Education, Informal Education, Vocational Education, Technical Education and Engineering Colleges and arrangement of various sports, Worm Club Management Training Institute, Establishment and arrangement and running of worm resources, for free education to eligible children for less The Trust makes every effort. Establishing trust, land building and capital, establishing educational institutions at any place in the country raised the standard of living of the poor, middle and oppressed people through education, raising their standard of living, setting up small and cottage industries Doing and operating it, receiving and operating grants for institutions run by Khadi Village Industries, Disabled School, Orphanage Students Establishment and running of Habitat, Cultural Center, Spiritual and Religious Ashram, Buddha Ashram etc. Establishment and operation of women upliftment Balotthan, Leprosy, Hospital, Press, Opening of social magazine, newspaper, library, art center, garden, literature etc. And operation, setting up of nursing homes. The trust will assist the district, state and central administration in the divine disaster from time to time, as necessary. The trust will also run welfare schemes by establishing district and state administration and national coordination on government, semi-government land. Buying and selling any private land and leasing it to the organization operating from this trust. Bari T.C., B.Ed. B.P. Ed. Technical college. C.b.s.e. Establishment of ICSE schools. All educational residential and social services provided by UP Government and Government of India Establishing and operating institutions, receiving donations etc. from the country and abroad and spending through trust, change of name and name of all other positions in future through trust


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